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SpiriTime Flower Time Nourishing Body Cream

  • SpiriTime Flower Time Nourishing Body Cream

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    • SpiriTime Flower Time Nourishing Body Cream  200 mlNourishing Body Cream 

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    Description of the product SpiriTime Flower Time



    Cosmetic quality




    All Skin Types

    Spiritime Flower Time nourishing body cream softens, smooths and deeply nourishes the skin all over your body. The rich formula, with extracts of flowers, natural oils and shea butter, cares gently for your skin, giving it nourishment and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Squalene regenerates the skin and restores its elasticity.

    This silky soft cream is easy to apply and quickly absorbed, without sticking or leaving a greasy feeling on your skin. It makes your skin soft and leaves it smelling beautifully floral. The formulation does not contain parabens, silicones, paraffin or mineral oils. Try a nourishing cream that keeps your skin soft and beautiful.


    • nourishes intensively
    • softens and smooths
    • prevents premature skin ageing
    • gives the skin elasticity and vitality
    • perfumes the body with the floral scent of freesia


    • macadamia oil – smooths and nourishes
    • argan oil – revitalises, regenerates and soothes
    • coconut oil – nourishes and regenerates
    • shea butter – regenerates, nourishes and smooths
    • squalene – hydrates, improves skin elasticity
    • allantoin – softens and smooths
    • lavender extract – softens, relaxing effect
    • jasmine and rose extracts – soften, regenerate
    • vitamin E – strong antioxidant effect

    How to apply:

    Apply at least once a day to clean, dry skin all over the body. Massage in, gently but thoroughly.

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