SpiriTime Limited Edition Cleansing Hand Gel

SpiriTime Limited Edition Cleansing Hand Gel
SpiriTime Limited Edition Cleansing Hand Gel
30 ml

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Product description SpiriTime Limited Edition

Ensure perfect hand hygiene with SpiriTime Limited Edition cleansing gel. The antimicrobial effect of 60% alcohol, glycerine, and colour microcapsules with vitamin E will ensure perfect hand hygiene in any situation even without soap and water and without causing excessive dryness of the skin.


  • antimicrobial effect thanks to 60% alcohol in the formula
  • cleans the skin of your hands quickly and perfectly without washing
  • dries quickly, doesn’t leave an oily or sticky film
  • pleasant and fresh scent


  • 60% alcohol – antimicrobial ingredient
  • glycerine – contributes to the natural suppleness of the skin and replenishes its hydration
  • vitamin E – protects the skin of your hands

How to apply:
Apply an appropriate amount of the gel to your palm and rub it thoroughly into the skin of your hands including fingers, spaces between fingers, and the backs of your hands. Rub in until your hands are completely dry.

About the brand SpiriTime

The French brand SpiriTime offers high quality cosmetics for everyday skin and body care. All products contain only carefully selected natural ingredients in a composition that is gentle to the skin and pleasantly pampers your body and mind. This nourishing cosmetics with sensuous scents and preciously chosen ingredients will make you feel cared for all day long.

SpiriTime products contain precious natural oils and active ingredients that give the skin the necessary hydration, nutrition while enhance natural elasticity. Flower extracts of lavender, jasmine and rose provide the skin with silky softness and gentle regeneration. Fruit extracts from raspberries, mangoes and mandarins have antioxidant effects and coffee and vanilla extracts have a soothing power and create a unique feeling of relaxation and comfort.

SpiriTime is a range of products for everyday hygiene and effective cosmetic care. Skin friendly composition does not contain any parabens, silicones, paraffin or mineral oils. With this luxury French cosmetic brand you know will discover the perfect harmony of body and mind!

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