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TrueLife AquaFloss Station S600 oral shower
TrueLife AquaFloss Station S600 oral shower
TrueLife AquaFloss Station S600 oral shower

Clean those interdental areas more gently and effectively than with interdental brushes or floss with the TrueLife AquaFloss Station S600 oral shower. Its 10 water pressure settings and 4 nozzle types provide a personalised treatment, removing food residue and plaque, leaving your oral cavity clean and fresh.

Since the majority of plaque builds up in the spaces between teeth, they should be cleaned thoroughly as part of your daily dental routine.


  • cleans the gaps between teeth effectively and sensitively
  • the stream of water penetrates even the narrowest gaps
  • removes bacteria, impurities and plaque
  • buttons on the handle for easy operation
  • suitable for everyday use


  • oral shower
  • 3 Standard nozzles
  • 1 Dental Plaque nozzle, 1 Orthodontic nozzle, 1 Periodontal nozzle

Technical specifications:

  • 10 water pressure levels – 30-125 PSI
  • 6 nozzles of 4 differing types
  • StreamTrue® technology – removes up to 99% of plaque and impurities
  • tank – 600 ml
  • rotating head – 360 °, reaches all interdental spaces
  • timer – switches off automatically after 3 minutes
  • waterproof rating – IPX7
  • LCD display, controls on the handle
  • mains-powered

How to use:
Use the TrueLife AquaFloss Station S600 oral shower according to the instructions.


User's guide can be found HERE

TrueLifeAquaFloss Station S600 oral shower

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