Daily Skin Care Routine Step by Step

August 22, 2019Notino
Not sure how to keep your skin beautiful? Washing your face and moisturising might not be enough. Your daily beauty routine should include a few more steps that you really better not skip!

Night Time Skin Care Routine

Makeup Removal

Start by removing your makeup. People with normal, combination or dry skin can use lotion, those with sensitive and dry skin might like makeup-removing oil or a hydrophilic oil which creates a nice lather on contact with water and can remove even waterproof makeup.


You can get rid of makeup residue with a lotion or micellar water which is especially good for oily skin. However, using it once or twice a week is enough – for every day use a gel cleanser or mousse. About once a week you should also use an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin cells. And if you want your makeup removal to be extra easy, try a two-phase oil-based product!


Toner should also be a crucial part of your skincare routine – it helps with hydration, softens your complexion and prepares it for other products.

Intense Treatments

Once a week, take the time to do a proper face mask. Pick a hydrating one for dry skin, cleansing one for oily skin, or a collagen one for first wrinkles.

Everyday Nourishing Hydration

Especially after 30, a serum is a complete necessity in your daily skincare routine. A collagen serum will tighten your skin, a hyaluronic one will moisturise. All it takes are a few drops you gently work into your complexion and the skin of your neck and décolleté – just like with every other product in your routine!

Next step is night cream. Unlike a day cream, this one tends to be thicker and richer, but not necessarily oilier. Avoid your eye area and use an eye cream instead. That’s it for your nighttime routine!

Taking Care of Your Skin in the Morning

Morning Skin Cleansing

Your skin has been regenerating all night and now it needs some brightening up, which is why you should start with a cleanser. I prefer using a refreshing gel cleanser or mousse and a nice toner to get my complexion ready for other skincare products.


Start ideally with a skin serum. It penetrates deeper than any other product and it acts the longest. A brightening serum, for example with the natural antioxidant vitamin C, is perfect for the morning.

Hydration and Protection

Another step is a moisturiser which should include an SPF in the summer along with the necessary hydration. Morning is also a time for eye cream and some lip care – before you use a lip gloss or lipstick, try using a gentle exfoliator plus a moisturising product around your lips. Many brands have specialised creams for eye and lip area, which comes in handy especially if you're in a hurry every morning.

Best products for your beauty routine:

Lancôme Gel Éclat is the best to wake your skin up in the morning as well as cleaning it after a long day. It’s suitable for normal to combination skin.

Vichy Pureté Thermale combines the effect of a toner with an ultra-refreshing formula which restores your skin’s radiance and gives it a morning boost of energy.

Revolution Skincare Stabilised Active Collagen is a serum with active collagen – an ingredient that is vital for the skin of anyone after 30!

Dermacol BT Cell will take care of the crow’s feet around your eyes and lips. It has a moisturising and lifting effect.

NYX Professional Makeup #thisiseverything is a fantastic lip exfoliator. Your lips will be more beautiful and soft than ever before!

Author: Jane P

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