Hugo Boss Deep Red Review

May 20, 2016Notino
There has scarcely been a fragrance more aptly named than Hugo Boss Deep Red.

While its list of notes might seem run-off-the-mill and not particularly exciting, this perfume beautifully evokes the feeling of running your hand across a crimson-coloured piece of velvet. It’s seductive and subdued at the same time, tricky in its understated charm. But what exactly is responsible for this image? Where does the magic come from?

Cozy Vanilla Fragrance

What Deep Red does is simple, but by no means easy: It creates the feeling of warmth, of wrapping yourself in a cozy wool shawl and sipping on a cup of tea. It’s by no means exceedingly sweet, but it still brings about a sweetness that’s very unique and at the same time feels very familiar. It’s like coming home after a long day and finally getting a moment of calm when you know that you don’t have anything to worry about.

At the root of this is of course vanilla, an omnipresent olfactory classic that has the power to entice and lure in pretty much anyone’s senses. It’s a well-known secret that fragrances that have an almost edible, creamy sweet quality to them tend to be considered especially attractive, and Hugo Boss Deep Red Eau de Parfum is no exception. This perfume has been on the market for more than fifteen years, and in that time has not lost an ounce of its sensual beauty.

Perfect for Every Season

That being said, Deep Red is not just perfectly suited for autumn and winter, as the previous paragraphs might have suggested. A substantial part of its charm lies in notes that are actually quite fresh and cheerful instead of just calming or sultry. One of the more prominent ones, the blood orange, will greet you right at the start as you spray the fragrance on, lending it a crisp edge with just a touch of sugar. Black currant will pull the whole thing a little closer to the ground with a full-bodied hum that makes the citrus slightly more tart, and ginger will provide a different, spicy kind of freshness.

All of these combined make Deep Red a brilliant choice even for the warmer months when you wouldn’t necessarily think of wearing a warm, vanillic perfume. With this fragrance you never need to worry that the aroma might get overpowering in a crowded place or heavy in combination with your natural scent. If you’re worried that it could evaporate a little too quickly in the hot summer weather, simply put on the Hugo Boss Deep Red body lotion first and layer the fragrance to make it last significantly longer than usual.

A Modern Classic

Need another reason to give the Hugo Boss Deep Red perfume a try? Here you go: This fragrance makes you smell memorable without letting people know that that’s what you’re trying to do. It’s exactly the kind of perfume that others will soon start associating with you, but probably won’t even realise it. If you’re looking for a signature perfume, a true calling card will ensure your place in other people’s mind and maybe even help you sway a business acquaintance to your side, an inconspicuous fragrance like Deep Red is definitely your secret weapon.

No matter your age or the style of clothing you tend to favour, this perfume will always be appropriate thanks to its ability to adapt to whatever vibe you’re projecting: If you dress sexy, Deep Red will complement your sexiness, if you go for sophisticated, Deep Red won’t scream and shout. It will not turn sour on you like many citrus fragrances might and the plushiness of sandalwood and musk in the drydown will comfort you after a good few hours of wear.

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