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Embryolisse Crème Lift-Fermeté day and night lifting cream
Embryolisse Crème Lift-Fermeté day and night lifting cream
Complexion typeWrinkles and Mature Skin
EffectsHydration, Anti-ageing, Lifting, Unifying, Replumping
Sun Protectionwithout SPF
When to useday and night

Don’t want to underestimate your skincare? Use a face cream every day – it’s a skincare staple that no beauty routine should do without, whatever your skin type and whatever your needs. The Embryolisse Crème Lift-Fermeté face cream boosts the skin’s natural function, helps keep it balanced and sufficiently hydrated and contributes towards a healthier look overall.


  • restores skin firmness and leaves it tight
  • reduces wrinkles and prevents their formation
  • moisturises intensely
  • evens the skin tone

How to use:
Apply to cleansed skin and massage in using a circular motion. Use every morning and/or evening.

EmbryolisseCrème Lift-Fermeté day and night lifting cream

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