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Nasal Aspirators for Little Kids

Clean your baby’s nose with a handy little tool! A good nasal aspirator should be a part of any baby starter kit. It’s an ideal product to use when your baby suffers from stuffy nose and built-up mucus during a cold, but also for everyday hygiene or when you need to remove some dirt from their nostrils. Just make sure to find a nasal aspirator that’s easy to operate as well as easy to clean. We’ll tell you how to find the best nasal aspirator today.

How to Choose a Nasal Aspirator

Every day, impurities collect in your baby’s nose and cause irritation which might lead to mucus formation. Since babies don’t know yet how to blow their nose or breathe through their mouth, this might cause problems with breathing and suckling, or even during sleep. A nasal aspirator will bring relief quickly and gently, plus it can be used even on newborns.

Types of Nasal Aspirators

Individual nasal aspirators differ in method of use, design, noise level and efficacy.

  • A tube nasal aspirator or manual nasal aspirator is quiet and very easy to use. You simply place one of the tubes into your baby’s nostril and the other one in our mouth to gently suck out mucus which is then collected in a container between the two tubes. It’s a very compact type of nasal aspirator suitable mostly for mild cases of cold.
  • A suction-bulb nasal aspirator is a quiet and handy type of aspirator suitable for everyday use. It features a suction bulb whose nozzle is placed into the kid’s nostril – once you release the bulb after squeezing it, the negative pressure slowly sucks out the mucus.
  • A nasal aspirator hoover attachment is great when you’re dealing with severe cases of cold at home. This type of nasal aspirator needs to be attached to the hoover, but it can also be placed in the mouth. While this type of model is usually very effective, the noise of the hoover might be quite unpleasant for the baby.
  • An electric nasal aspirator uses batteries and it’s a very effective type of nasal aspirator suitable for severe cold. It’s quiet and easily stored, which makes it great for travelling.

How to Use a Nasal Aspirator

Sucking out mucus with a nasal aspirator might not be very pleasant, but it’s a quick and exceptionally simple process that brings your baby relief from a stuffy nose. Here are a few handy tips on how to make mucus suction easier:

  • Always read the instructions carefully before using your nasal aspirator.
  • Before you start sucking out the mucus, spray some baby-safe sea water drops into your baby’s nostrils and wait at least 3 minutes. Sea water will speed up the dissolution and release of mucus, making the whole suction process easier.
  • When using a nasal aspirator with a suction bulb, make sure to squeeze the bulb before placing the tube at the edge of the nostril, and then release the bulb.
  • If you struggle to suck out all the mucus, try gently moving the nozzle around in the nostril.
  • Baby nasal aspirator can be also used at night if your baby’s stuffy nose prevents them from sleeping.
  • If your doctor recommended a nasal spray, use it after cleaning your baby’s nose.

How to Clean a Nasal Aspirator

Nasal aspirators need to be cleaned before and after every use, including the first one.

  • Before the first use, wash the nasal aspirator in hot water. If recommended by the manufacturer, you can also sterilise it by boiling.
  • After every suction, dismantle the entire nasal aspirator and thoroughly wash or sterilise all the parts.
  • A nasal aspirator has to be completely dry before every use.
  • Never use disinfectant solutions or alcohol to clean the nasal aspirator.

Using a nasal aspirator will bring your baby a quick relief from mucus and debris that might otherwise cause unpleasant complications. A handy tube nasal aspirator can suck out little bits of snot while a suction bulb will fit into any nappy bag. Find the best nasal aspirator for babies today at