Alpa is rightly described as a tradition in Czech cosmetics.

This stable, prosperous company has been on the Czech market for decades, reliably caring for the skin of entire generations of Czech and foreign families. In 1948, production moved from Brno to Velké Meziříčí, and in 1994 the company was privatised. Today, Alpa is a modern company and full of prospects. More than 100 years of customer satisfaction is the most valuable award, something familiar to Alpa.

Alpa offers a range of children’s care products, massage products, and other similar skin care products. Their best-known product is Francovka Alpa, an embrocation which contains an alcohol-based solution of essential oils, silica, aromatic herbal substances, and natural menthol. The unique product formulation is carefully maintained and allows you to use Francovka as a massage oil, for the bath, or as a compress with disinfectant and antiseptic properties. Both the elderly and professional athletes use Francovka to remove joint pain and relax their muscles.

Alpa uses innovative technologies and traditional manufacturing, and has several certificates. Production is supported by professional studies and it also has an award from BEAUTY EXPO 2006, the cosmetic fair. A hundred years of tradition, along with modern technology, guarantees satisfaction for customers new and old. Bet on quality – choose cosmetic products by Czech experts!