American Crew Classic Molding Clay for Strong Firming

  • American Crew Classic Molding Clay for Strong Firming

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    • American Crew Classic Molding Clay for Strong Firming 85 gMolding Clay for Strong Firming 

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    Description of the product American Crew Classic



    Cosmetic quality






    Bigger volume, Definition and texture, Setting

    American Crew Molding Clay is a fixating and molding clay-based paste suitable for men with short haircut and for those who like to do sports and tend to sweat and want to keep their haistyle. The mixture of natural extracts such as beeswax, extract from orange, mint and lime take care of your hair and keep it flexible all day. It fixates the hairstyle perfectly in the required shape. Thanks to the white clay from the Paris Basin the texture of the hair is smoother. It can be used also on a sensitive hair skin. Easy to apply. It contains no synthetic fragrances.

    Only the molding paste by American Crew creates a hairstyle which will last!


    treats hair and hair skin
    cools down

    beeswax – creates a barrier against loss of moisture from the hair structure, makes the hair keep the required style
    kaolin – white clay, healing and stimulating effects; suitable for sensitive skin

    bentonite – special gel to improve viscosity, provides a smoother texture and good application features
    natural essence oils (orange, lime, spearmint, peppermint) – provide a feeling of freshness and cooling, cool down the hair skin
    Type of hair:
    All types of hair. More suitable for short hair.

    In order to achieve the best result, put a small volume in your palms to soften the product and spread evenly into hair dried with a towel. Mold as needed. It can be applied also on dry hair.

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