André Zagozda Hair Algae Therapy Captasm Mask Derm-Shampoo

  • André Zagozda Hair Algae Therapy Captasm Mask Derm-Shampoo
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    • André Zagozda Hair Algae Therapy Captasm Mask Derm-Shampoo 250 mlCaptasm Mask Derm-Shampoo 

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    Description of the product André Zagozda Hair Algae Therapy



    Cosmetic quality




    dandruff, hair loss, oily hair, sensitive scalp


    AZ HAIR Line - awarded as the most unique and innovative products of 2016.

    A mask in shampoo form. Deeply purifies and detoxifies the scalp and hair, restoring the skin’s proper functioning in conditions such as hair loss, thinning hair, seborrhoea, dandruff (dry or oily), dry or sensitive scalp.  It also provides support for problems like seborrheic and atopic dermatitis as well as psoriasis. The Cataplasm formula is based on the globally unique, natural, highly concentrated water extract of laminar algae - SEA PLASMA® (the flagship Laboratory’s component) and on a high content of deep sea sediments (more than 50%), which make the mask extremely rich in natural, easily absorbed oligoelements (over 100), mineral salts, amino acids, polysaccharides and vitamins (with the whole range of vitamin B, from B1 to B12).

    A rich content and perfect synergy of the components ensure thorough cleansing of the scalp and hair, deep nourishment, moisturising, re-mineralisation and intensive regeneration. The unique SEA PLASMA® extract regulates the production of sebum and strongly stimulates the micro-circulation and aeration of the scalp, which immediately leads to a nourishment and strengthening of hair bulbs, stopping hair loss and accelerating its growth.


    • deep purification
    • detoxification
    • sebum regulation
    • intensive nutrition
    • hydration
    • regeneration
    • oxygenation
    • stimulation of microcirculation
    • hair growth stimulation


    • SEA PLASMA®  (highly concentrated algae extract of Laminaria Digitata) - intensely moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates, regulates sebum, stimulates the metabolism, blood circulation, intercellular exchange and remineralisation. The extract is a natural vector moving all active ingredients into the skin
    • Maris Limus (matine sediment) - known to increase blood circulation, it is also a natural exfoliant, detoxifier and cellulite reducer, can be used in poultices to reduce swelling, inflammation, draw out abscesses, treat psoriasis and to promote healing while minimizing scar formation. The mud is an excellent mask that soothes and rejuvenates the skin
    • Hydrolyzed Wheat Proteins - naturally derived from wheat protein, they moisturize, thicken and add volume to thinning hair, proteins also add shine and manageability, and repair damaged hair

    Hair Type: 

    Due to the CATAPLASM’s unique properties and performance it is highly recommended for all skin types to constantly improve scalp health, and as a consequence the hair quality.


    In excessive hair loss or thinning hair, greasy hair (seborrhoea), oily dandruff and supportively with seborrheic dermatitis - apply 3 times a week. On the remaining days, wash the scalp and hair with a suitable AZ derm-shampoo. In case of high intensity of the a/m conditions and short hair you may use the Cataplasm even every day till the problem subsides.
    In case of a dry, sensitive or irritated scalp, dry dandruff and supportively with atopic dermatitis or psoriasis - apply the mask 2 times a week. On the remaining days, wash the scalp and hair with a suitable AZ derm-shampoo.
    In order to retain the achieved effects – use the Cataplasm Mask 1 to 2 times a week.
    Preventive use – for effective and constant improvement of scalp and hair condition - use the Cataplasm Mask once a week.
    For optimal results we recommend to add to your daily diet: Algae Marine Capsules - (micronized algae) a natural, intensively nourishing supplement to replenish insufficiencies or the Algae Marine Elixir (a potent, natural algae extract) that accelerates detoxification and boosts regeneration and energy.

    How to use:

    The Cataplasm should not be used to wash hair like a conventional shampoo and should not be left on the scalp as one might do with widely used hair masks. It should instead be deeply massaged onto a wet scalp for 2-3 minutes and rinsed.

    Performing the Treatment:

    A small amount of Cataplasm (5-8 ml) should be diluted in a bowl with water to a consistency easily reaching the skin. Apply small portions of the product directly on a wet scalp, spread evenly, add additional water and perform a 2-3 minute massage. If you have long hair, wash your hair with the foam created during the massage. This will suffice for them to be cleaner than ever before. Finish with a thorough rinse.
    The Cataplasm does not condition, but rather thoroughly cleanses the scalp and hair. For this reason we recommend following with the Derm-Conditioner. After a period of using Cataplasm the hair will regenerate to a point where conditioning is no longer required. This does not apply to hair regularly colorized, or treated in a way that is intrusive to its structure– in this case the conditioner may remain necessary after each hair wash.

    Efficiency of the product:

    Due to a very high concentration of active ingredients it is sufficient to use a small portion of the product. Generally 5 to 8 ml of Cataplasm should be enough to perform a treatment, so the whole product of 250 ml should suffice for up to 50 treatments.

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