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Arcocere Professional Wax 1 LED wax heater
Arcocere Professional Wax 1 LED wax heater
Type of power supplymains

Have you opted for a more long-term solution to removing unwanted hair and so you’re seeking an effective way to prepare your favourite epilating wax to the right consistency? The Arcocere Professional Wax 1 LED wax heater ensures it reaches the required temperature quickly, making the whole epilation process easier. It makes the wax easy to work with and a cinch to apply.


  • quick heating of the epilation wax to the required temperature
  • lets you check the heated wax using the control window
  • ensures the correct consistency of the wax, making application easier
  • suitable for heating roll-on waxes
  • the cartridge can be replaced quickly and easily
  • is safe and thermally well-insulated

Technical specifications:

  • heating time 18-25 minutes (depending on wax type)
  • class II double insulation
  • mains supply 110/220 V
  • indicator light when switched on
  • transparent window for checking remaining wax
  • no thermostat

How to use:
Insert the epilating wax roll-on into the Arcocere Professional Wax 1 LED heater. Do not handle the device whilst it is plugged in. Refer to the instructions for the exact procedure for use.


User's guide can be found HERE

ArcocereProfessional Wax 1 LED wax heater

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