Arcocere Professional Wax 1 LED Epilation Set

Arcocere Professional Wax 1 LED Epilation Set
Arcocere Professional Wax 1 LED Epilation Set
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Wax Heater + Argan Hair Removal Wax Roll - On 100 ml + Argan Enzyme Wipes for Slowing Down Hair Growth after Depilation + Hair Removal Strips 24 pc

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Thursday 24/06/2021
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Thursday 24/06/2021

Description Arcocere Professional Wax 1 LED

Let’s face it – many of us want our legs or bikini area to be perfectly smooth. And now you can get a step closer to your dream! Arcocere Professional Wax 1 LED hair-removal set will help you get rid of unwanted hair along with the roots. It comes with wipes containing special enzymes to slow down regrowth, so you can enjoy your wonderfully smooth skin for weeks on end.


  • perfectly removes hair with the roots
  • provides long-lasting smoothness
  • helps slow down regrowth
  • doesn’t leave wax residue on the skin
  • suitable for the entire body including face
  • wax strips can be trimmed as needed

The set includes:

  • wax heater
  • 100ml of Argan hair-removal wax
  • enzyme-infused wet wipe to slow down regrowth
  • 24 waxing strips

How to use:
Apply the hot wax in one stroke to your skin in the direction of hair growth, then cover the area with a waxing strip, press down and rip it off against the grain. Finally, wipe your skin with the tissue.

Detailed instructions

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