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Ardell Duo glue for false eyelashes
Ardell Duo glue for false eyelashes

Would you like to have eyelashes like a doll? Ardell Duo false lash glue will help you get long, thick lashes in seconds, giving you dazzlingly long and thick lashes whenever you want them. The glue lets you fix your false eyelashes precisely to the roots of your natural eyelashes and you won't have to worry about them coming off during the day. The glue remains transparent after drying, so no one will know you've enhanced your beauty with this tweak.


  • does not irritate the eyelid or eyes
  • keeps false eyelashes on your eyelid all day long
  • does not ruin your natural eyelashes
  • completely invisible after drying

How to apply:
Apply an appropriate amount of the glue to the base of the false eyelashes and carefully glue the eyelashes to the lid. Make sure that the false eyelashes are close to the roots of your own lashes. This will give you a natural look and keep your lashes from falling off.

ArdellDuo glue for false eyelashes

transparent 14 g

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Monday 22/04/2024
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Monday 22/04/2024