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Ardell Magnetic Liner & Lash magnetic lashes for lashes
Ardell Magnetic Liner & Lash magnetic lashes for lashes

ArdellMagnetic Liner & Lash magnetic lashes for lashes

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Black magnetic gel liner 2,5 g + Wispies magnetic lashes 1 pc

Monday 11/03/2024
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Monday 11/03/2024

Get ready to unleash your inner seductress. Ardell Magnetic Liner & Lash is the perfect way to enhance natural beauty with gorgeous lashes. These lashes feature a round, flared style that effortlessly accentuates your eyes without being too overpowering. The medium length and light volume give a soft, fluttery effect that's both natural and alluring. The lashes are crafted from luxurious fibers that feel incredibly soft and are designed to hold securely and comfortably to your lids with the innovative Invisband® technology.


  • deliciously long, natural, and flared magnetic falsies
  • signature Wispies™ technology creates a natural cat-eye look
  • enhanced with Invisiband® technology for seamless and comfortable fit at any time
  • allows for easy application with a magnetic liner


  • made from 100% human hair

How to apply:
Apply two coats of Magnetic Gel Liner on the upper lash line, then place Magnetic Lashes on while the liner is still semi-wet. Gently press in.For easy removal, gently peel off the lashes and wipe off the liner with an oil-based makeup remover. Store in the tray for reuse.

Quick tips: use primer, and apply on clean and dry lids. In case of repositioning Magnetic Lashes, carefully remove any residue from the band/magnets before reapplying fresh coats of Magnetic Gel Liner. Reapply lashes.

Notino tip:
Perfect your cat eye with Ardell Magnetic Liquid Liner.