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Ardell Wispies stick-on eyelashes
Ardell Wispies stick-on eyelashes

Have you always longed for long, thick lashes, but nature has been a bit stingy with you in this regard? Don’t despair, the Ardell Wispies stick-on lashes will make that dream come true. They are handmade from natural materials and will give you an exceptionally deep look.


  • accentuate the eyes for the ultimate dramatic look
  • deliver an attractive look and complement any makeup perfectly
  • ideal for special occasions
  • can be used repeatedly


  • 100% sterilised human hair

How to apply:
If your natural lashes are straight, you can curl them beforehand with a brush or use a little mascara for easier application. You should also apply foundation first before gluing on your lashes. Using the Ardell tweezers, attach the lashes from the inner corner of your eye to your natural lashes and check to see if the shape suits you. If need be, trim the false eyelashes with scissors. Apply the eyelash glue from the tube directly to the lashes and wait 30 seconds for it to set. Use the tweezers to hold the lashes in the centre of your eye as close to the natural lash line as possible and press gently with your fingertips. At night, before going to bed, gently peel off and clean the lashes for future use.

ArdellWispies stick-on eyelashes

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Monday 11/03/2024
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