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ARTDECOSharpener Soft Liner Pencil Sharpener With Dual Blade

ARTDECO Sharpener Soft Liner Pencil Sharpener With Dual Blade
ARTDECO Sharpener Soft Liner Pencil Sharpener With Dual Blade
Pencil Sharpener With Dual Blade

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Thursday 27/01/2022
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Thursday 27/01/2022

The ARTDECO Sharpener Soft Liner pencil sharpener sharpens your blunt pencils in an instant, meaning your makeup will be precise and perfect.


  • has a very sharp blade
  • prevents makeup pencils from breaking
  • sharpens wooden pencils quickly and easily

How to use:
This pencil sharpener is intended for makeup pencils only. Insert the pencil in the selected hole and turn it gently in one direction to cut as desired. After removing the pencil, empty the waste from the sharpener.

The Artdeco brand was founded in 1985 with a vision of creating cosmetic products inspired by the love of beauty. An intense interest in new trends and high-quality products accessible to every woman put Artdeco amongst the top cosmetic brands in Germany almost immediately. Now, Artdeco is loved in over 78 countries worldwide.

Artdeco knows that every woman is unique. Each has her own style and preferences when it comes to emphasising her beauty. Artdeco honours this uniqueness and thanks to the diversity of its products, allows every woman to emphasise her own unique beauty just the way she likes it.

A wide range of colours, countless special products and the option to choose your own individual selection of shades to guarantee the most comprehensive yet tailored experience of your cosmetics. Try Artdeco makeup, the effortless alternative to the most exclusive brands – and see for yourself that quality products don’t have to be unattainable.