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Astra Make-up #INSTAVOLUME extra volumising mascara
Astra Make-up #INSTAVOLUME extra volumising mascara
Type of mascaralengthening, volumizing

Unlock the secret to stunning, voluminous lashes that last from morning to night. Astra Make-up #INSTAVOLUME, with an incredibly fluid formula enriched with a blend of plant-based waxes, delivers long and thick lashes like never before.


  • achieves extreme volume with the Big Brush – Amazing Volume Effect
  • volumizing brush allows for impactful results from the first application
  • creates lashes like you've never seen before
  • hourglass-shaped applicator features ultra-soft fiber bristles
  • gently coats and volumizes lashes, separating and enhancing them
  • glides smoothly onto lashes, leaving them perfectly volumized 
  • vegan

How to apply:
Use Astra Make-up #INSTAVOLUME mascara to achieve extreme volume and bold lashes. The big brush with the Amazing Volume Effect ensures your lashes are volumized from the very first application. Its hourglass-shaped applicator features ultra-soft fiber bristles, making it easy to coat and volumize your lashes without any clumps or the need for touch-ups. Enjoy voluminous and stunning lashes that last all day and night.

Astra Make-up#INSTAVOLUME extra volumising mascara

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