Avon Incandessence Eau de Parfum for Women

  • Avon Incandessence Eau de Parfum for Women
  • Avon Incandessence Eau de Parfum for Women 1

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    Teak Wood, Rose, Bergamot

    Avon Incandessence is a distinctive floral fragrance. It is sweetly fresh, which makes it ideal as a fragrance for spring days when everything is in bloom, but it smells great even on warm summer days.

    Incandessence is irresistibly floral mainly thanks to its heart formed by an influx of absolutely amazing floral tones. Its major scent of lily, exceptional rose, and ethereally beautiful mimosa will capture your attention. Its floral composition is based on essences of wood and musk, and these tones provide the perfume with a slightly spicy, hot tinge.

    It thus combines a classic and dazzling beauty of flowers with a drop of exciting attractiveness of a spicy scent. Despite this warm part, however, the resulting fragrance is rather fresh and expresses the atmosphere of spring and flowers in full bloom.

    Incandessence is suitable for the women who love perfect floral scents. These women would like to use this scent to underline their natural beauty and their tender and romantic self. It will be appreciated by women who love colors and dazzling intensiveness of spring and summer while they would like to feel pleasantly fresh and light. And Incandessence will make all this possible.

    Just like any other perfumes by Avon, Incandessence is suitable for everyday use. It will be your perfect companion for every moment spent outdoors during a walk in sunny weather and in your leisure time in general.

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    • 21 March 2018


    • 11 December 2015
      Gaza Mkansi

      Value for money compared to the competetion.

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