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Panthenol is your best solution for sunburnt skin. In only a few minutes, it soothes and cools your skin, reducing all the unpleasant signs of a sunburn.

Get an after-sun body lotion, mousse, soothing ointment or cream with panthenol, and help your sunburnt skin heal.

Effects of Panthenol on the Skin:

  • Soothes irritated skin and regenerates it.
  • Speeds up the healing process of epidermal wounds such as sunburns, regular burns, or even insect bites.
  • Hydrates and leaves skin soft and smooth.

What Other Methods beside Panthenol Work on Sunburns?

If you already have a sunburn, try a few tips to reduce the symptoms.

  • Place cold compresses on your skin.
  • Take a shower in lukewarm water.
  • Increase fluid intake.
  • Stay out of the sun until your skin heals.

Don’t let a sunburn ruin your whole summer. A good panthenol cream or mousse will help you deal with sunburnt skin!