beautyblender®Instaclean™ Brush Cleaner

beautyblender® Instaclean™ Brush Cleaner
beautyblender® Instaclean™ Brush Cleaner
70 ml

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Monday 06/12/2021
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Monday 06/12/2021

No time to wash your makeup tools with soap and water right now? Beautyblender® Instaclean™ express spray brush cleanser works similar to a dry shampoo for your hair – it quickly removes all dirt and product buildup from your makeup sponge or brush without the necessity to use water.

The spray dries extremely fast, which means you can start using your Beautyblender® or makeup brush almost immediately. That’s what we call freedom in beauty – and now you can enjoy it, too!


  • removes makeup buildup from your Beautyblender®
  • perfectly cleans any cosmetic brush
  • dries quickly and doesn’t require rinsing
  • allows you to alternate between different makeup products
  • the compact size of the packaging makes it ideal for travel
  • suitable for everyday use

How to use:
Spray the product on your Beautyblender® or cosmetic brush and gently wipe off any makeup residue on a tissue.