Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

February 5, 2019Notino
Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays we’d like to celebrate all year round because there’s never enough love in the world. And there’s never enough Valentine’s gift ideas.


Valentine’s Day has a long tradition beginning way back in ancient Rome when Emperor Claudius II banned all engagements and weddings to prevent men from choosing family over going to war. However, a priest named Valentine kept marrying couples in secret and was executed for this crime on 14 February. Love never had it easy, as we still know today😊. So celebrate the love you have with the right Valentine’s gift.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

Captain Fawcett, a brand named after a British explorer, has a whole line for all those who favour classic wet shaving. Try the amazing Shaving gift set that includes a badger bristle shaving brush, a fantastic razor and a shaving soap.

Or you can go for Scottish Fine Soaps. Their Men’s Grooming Thistle & Black Pepper line includes an Eau de Toilette, body wash and after-shave balm, all completely natural. And while we’re talking about natural cosmetics, Weleda Men also has a fantastic Valentine’s set for men: this moisturiser and body wash will always come in handy! Your Valentine’s gift can also be a fragrance! Try the Bvlgari The Miniature Collection with five mini Bvlgari fragrances or the new and luxurious Chanel Bleu de Chanel, a woody aromatic scent for a confident man. The top notes are dominated by peppermint, bergamot and lemon zest, the heart contains pineapple, geranium and lavender, and the drydown brings out rare woods and tonka bean.

A Gift for the Both of You

If you want the Valentine’s gift for your man to also be a bit of a gift to you, check out the Marc Jacobs Splash Pear. This fragrance for couples is a delightful combination of juicy fruity notes that is guaranteed to lift your spirits.

You can also enjoy some romantic moments with candlelight. Try the combination of a hot bath and a scented candle – for instance the Bath & Body Works Merci Paris or Champagne Toast. Both are brand new and equally enchanting!

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Women

Has your partner asked you what you’d like for Valentine’s? Then come up with something good! The Amouage Honour Eau de Parfum is wonderfully floral and elegant like a silk dress. Tiffany & Co. has a gorgeous gift set of a fruity floral perfume in a regular and miniature version, but you can obviously go for a makeup gift as well.

Makeup Revolution Soph X Totally Soph includes an eyeshadow palette, a contouring palette and a set of three beautiful lip glosses. You can also pick the I Heart Revolution’s Chocolate gift set which comes in the shape of a heart and looks like a luxurious box of chocolates that actually turn out to be three palettes and amazing bronzing powders! This Valentine’s Day will be simply unforgettable! 😊

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