Bellissima My Pro Absolute BA 300 Hair Straightener

Bellissima My Pro Absolute BA 300 Hair Straightener
Bellissima My Pro Absolute BA 300 Hair Straightener
BA 300

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Description Bellissima My Pro Absolute BA 300

Achieve perfectly smooth hair without worrying about dehydration or damage. The Bellissima Pro Absolute BA 300 hair straightener uses an infrared ionising technology that generates heat that is gentle on your hair and promotes hydration, shine and softness.

Its dual effect is ensured by a system of four plates that straighten the hair from the roots to the ends and then add definition. It will help you achieve an attractive style that will remain in place for hours.


  • smooths hair perfectly from the roots to the ends
  • protects hair against dehydration and damage
  • leaves hair beautifully smooth to the touch
  • promotes the natural shine of your hair
  • defines the ends of your hair
  • prevents frizzy hair

Technical specifications:

  • infrared technology – helps heat penetrate the hair
  • ionic technology – reduces frizz, keeps hair hydrated and shiny
  • the straightener heats up in just a few seconds
  • eight temperature settings ranging from 160 °C to 230 °C
  • four heated plates for dual action
  • 47 × 88-mm plates
  • key lock system and an LCD display
  • automatic off-switch after 60 minutes
  • 1.8-m-long mains cord

How to use:
before straightening, make sure that your hair is sufficiently dry, detangled and free of any styling products. Then divide it into individual sections that correspond to the approximate width of the heated plates. Place each of the strands in between the plates. Use one hand to keep the hair straight and the other hand to make the hair straightener glide down the hair from top to bottom. Style your hair, starting from the nape of your neck, and continue along the sides, leaving the hair around your face for last.


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