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BEN&ANNA Toothpaste Coco Mania natural toothpaste
BEN&ANNA Toothpaste Coco Mania natural toothpaste
Does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.
The product is certified organic.
Contains at least 85% natural ingredients.

The BEN&ANNA Toothpaste Coco Mania toothpaste ensures complete care for your teeth and gums. It cleans teeth of plaque and food remnants while caring for the gums and mucous membranes in your mouth.


  • cleans teeth reliably
  • takes care of gums
  • prevents plaque
  • prevents the build-up of tartar
  • freshens breath


  • vegan product
  • natural extracts

How to use:
Clean the teeth at least twice a day with a quality toothbrush. Apply an appropriate amount of toothpaste to the brush and clean the teeth for at least two minutes. Rinse your mouth thoroughly.

BEN&ANNAToothpaste Coco Mania natural toothpaste

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