Bio Ionic PowerLight Hair Dryer

Bio Ionic PowerLight Hair Dryer
Bio Ionic PowerLight Hair Dryer

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Description Bio Ionic PowerLight

Bio Ionic PowerLight hair dryer uses a special infrared light and an extra strong air flow to dry hair quicker than standard hair dryers.

It also keeps the hair perfectly moisturised during the process of drying thanks to the unique NanoIonic™ mineral technology which releases negative ions and ensures that the micronised molecules of water remain inside the hair shaft.


  • significantly shortens the time of drying
  • hydrates and softens hair during drying
  • prevents frizzing
  • prevents hair static
  • provides natural negative ions
  • keeps hair glossy

Technical specifications:

  • temperature and speed setting
  • cold-air button
  • A.C. engine with a long lifespan and 1875 watts
  • infrared light and NanoIonic™ mineral technology
  • ultra light design and a 2.7m cable

How to use:
Follow the instructions included.


Type of power supply

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