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Bione Cosmetics Cannabis Skin-Softening Balm For Heels

  • Bione Cosmetics Cannabis Skin-Softening Balm For Heels

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    • Bione Cosmetics Cannabis Skin-Softening Balm For Heels  150 mlSkin-Softening Balm For Heels 

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    Description of the product Bione Cosmetics Cannabis



    Cosmetic quality




    All Skin Types

    Salicylic heel balm is a completely unique product to treat hardened skin on your heels, feet, knees and elbows. It softens, lubricates and saturates the skin with salicylic acid, which gradually removes the hardened skin gently from the desired places.


    • removes and softens hard skin


    • salicylic acid
    • vitamin E
    • argan, coconut oil, castor oil and beeswax soften
    • contains no parabens or petroleum products

    How to apply the product:

    Apply the amount of the balm that you need to the patches of hardened skin and massage it in gently, ideally in the morning, and put on thick cotton socks. The treated, moist skin undergoes a softening process throughout the day, with results visible by evening – some of the hardened skin rubs off onto the socks and you can remove more with warm water and a brush. Continue this way until the skin is softened as required.


    we recommend using protective gloves when applying the balm to avoid it harming the soft skin on your hands unnecessarily. If you apply the product without protective gloves, however, remove the remnants of the balm from your hands carefully with soap, hot water and a brush. Use carefully, as needed and occasionally. Do not use other than as recommended. Contains salicylic acid. Not suitable for children under three years of age.

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