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How to Pick the Right Foot Cream?

Forget about cracked heels and dry feet. Make sure to use a good foot cream on a regular basis and enjoy having perfectly smooth skin all over your feet. Take your pick from our large selection of creams, softening balms, nourishing butters, moisturising serums and effective ointments for cracked heels – they’re all ideal for everyday use.

Types of Foot Creams

Worried about your dry heels and calluses – or just looking for a nice cooling effect? Find the best foot cream according to your preferences:

  • Cracked-heel cream will intensely soften your skin and leave it smooth. Use a cream for cracked heels every morning and night to prevent further cracks.
  • Moisturising foot cream nourishes the skin of your feet and heels and prevents it from hardening. Try for instance a foot cream with urea which also enhances the protective barrier of your skin.
  • Relaxing cream for tired feet will come in handy after exercise, a long walk, or during pregnancy.
  • Cooling foot gel will be perfect in summer when you need some refreshment, or after a long hike.
  • Antiperspirant foot cream prevents your feet from sweating by reducing perspiration and absorbing unwanted odours.
  • Cream for corns and calluses prevents hardening, it smooths out uneven skin and nourishes it.

How to Use a Foot and Heel Cream?

Apply the cream to your feet in circular motions and massage it in. Wait until it’s fully absorbed. Use it every day, ideally before bedtime after you’ve taken a shower.

Our tip: Once a week, use a foot scrub, pumice stone or an electric foot file before applying your foot cream. These products will remove dead skin cells, soften your skin and help your cream get absorbed.

Find the best foot creams by Neutrogena, Scholl, CeraVe and more depending on their characteristics or your favourite scent and enjoy having beautiful feet all year round!