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Biorepair Junior 6-12 toothpaste for children
Biorepair Junior 6-12 toothpaste for children

BiorepairJunior 6-12 toothpaste for children

Mint 75 ml

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Monday 26/02/2024
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Monday 26/02/2024

Biorepair Junior 6-12 toothpaste will protect your child’s growing tooth enamel from cavities and other damage. It eliminates impurities, food particles and plaque from the teeth while naturally repairing the enamel and dentin. The product contains microRepair® complex with hydroxyapatite particles, making it ideal for remineralising the erosion caused for instance by braces. It also helps protect the gums and keep the mouth feeling fresh.


  • helps clean your child’s teeth, eliminates food residue and plaque
  • strengthens and protects growing enamel from cavities
  • ideal for remineralising erosion caused for instance by braces
  • helps protect gums and keep them healthy, works as an antioxidant
  • with a mint flavour, keeps the mouth feeling fresh
  • suitably gentle for the teeth of children aged 6 to 12


  • microRepair® complex – contains particles of hydroxyapatite which mimics and integrates with tooth enamel while systematically repairing both enamel and dentin
  • vitamin E – works as an antioxidant, promotes healthy gums
  • mint extract – has refreshing effects, prevents odour from impurities
  • clinically tested product
  • free of titanium dioxide, fluoride, SLS, silicon abrasives, colourants, lactose and gluten

How to use:
Use the Biorepair Junior 6-12 toothpaste for kids 2× a day. Toothbrushing should last 2 to 3 minutes. Squeeze out a pea-sized amount of product on a toothbrush that’s suitable for children’s teeth.

Notino tip:
Help your child prevent cavities by making sure that they don’t consume too much acidic drinks (for instance tea, fizzy drinks, fruit juices etc.) or sugary foods.