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Biotherm Homme Basics Line exfoliating cleansing gel
Biotherm Homme Basics Line exfoliating cleansing gel
Complexion typeall skin types
EffectsCleansing, Revitalisation, Exfoliation
When to useday and night

Remove all impurities perfectly. Biotherm Homme Basics Line scrub removes dirt and dead cells without leaving any residue and uncovers a brighter-looking complexion. The light foam rids the skin of everyday impurities and prepares the skin for a clean shave.

It is enriched with Life Plankton™, a pure thermal plankton extract that contains 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, and trace elements that can regenerate the skin's vital functions and are essential for our health and youthful skin. 


  • removes impurities and dead skin cells that suffocate the skin 
  • restores luminosity and vibrancy of the skin
  • makes skin smooth and plump 
  • prepares the skin for shaving 
  • gelly texture transforms in foam after contact with water 
  • suitable for all skin types 


  • Life Plankton™ – balances the natural functions of the skin, improves skin elasticity, and hydrates even the deep skin layers
  • fragrance-free, allergens-free
  • made of 100% recycled plastic, fully recyclable 

How to apply:
Use Biotherm Homme Basics Line scrub twice a week, especially before shaving. Before shaving, do not eat because it activates microcirculation and prevents micro-cuts. Also, ensure you always cleanse with hot water before shaving: this helps soften the hair bristles and removes dead skin cells and dirt that could obstruct the safe glide of the blades.

Notino tip:
Combine with Biotherm Homme Basics Line cleanser, suitable for everyday use.

BiothermHomme Basics Line exfoliating cleansing gel

for men 125 ml

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Thursday 23/05/2024