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Borotalco Pure aluminium-free deodorant spray 48h
Borotalco Pure aluminium-free deodorant spray 48h
Type of packagingSpray
Skin typeall skin types

Want 48 hours of protection from sweat odour while your skin is able to breathe freely? Borotalco Pure spray deodorant is your perfect choice. It’s free of aluminium salts and doesn’t clog your sweat ducts. Talcum powder thoroughly absorbs moisture from perspiration, leaving your underarms nice and dry. The product also provides a lasting feeling of freshness thanks to a lovely, delicate fragrance.


  • eliminates sweat odour, reliably deodorises for up to 48 hours
  • doesn't clog pores or sweat ducts, lets your skin breathe freely
  • absorbs unpleasant moisture in the underarm area
  • leaves skin dry, soft and velvety smooth
  • offers a feeling of freshness thanks to a lasting, subtle fragrance
  • respects the natural balance of your skin
  • dermatologically tested


  • microtalcum – talcum powder, absorbs moisture, keeps skin dry and soft
  • free of aluminium salts – lets your pores breathe

How to apply:
Apply the Borotalco Pure aluminium-free spray deodorant to clean and dry skin every morning or any time during the day as needed. Spray on your underarms from a distance of about 15cm and let dry before getting dressed.

BorotalcoPure aluminium-free deodorant spray 48h

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Wednesday 22/05/2024
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Wednesday 22/05/2024