Boucheron Pour Homme Eau de Toilette for Men

Boucheron Pour Homme Eau de Toilette for Men
Boucheron Pour Homme Eau de Toilette for Men
100 ml

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Thursday 24/06/2021
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Thursday 24/06/2021

Description Boucheron Pour Homme

Boucheron Pour Homme cologne is a fragrance full of freshness, luxury and elegance. This harmonious composition of essences is accentuated by woody notes full of sensuality. Open your arms and embrace this lovely and masculine fragrance.

Top notes of bergamot, orange and basil will please your mind and soul. Essences of coriander, rose and ylang-ylang are slumbering in the heart of this eau de toilette. The base of Boucheron Pour Homme eau de toilette consists of patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and moss notes. Treat yourself to these harmonious notes of all the essences. Be exceptional and sexy.

This eau de toilette is for men who know exactly what they want from life. They have style and a sense of elegance. They are unique. You too envelop yourself in this lovely fragrance full of spectacular essences in every season. You will see that the fragrance will suit you. Let it accompany you at a business meeting, while having dinner or while going for a romantic walk.

Order Boucheron Pour Homme in our e-shop and try this blissful feeling charged with passion. It was launched in 1991.


Top notes - They develop straight after you put the fragrance on. They create the first impression and tend to be quite intense, but not long-lasting.
Top notes
Bergamot, Verbena, Lavender, Orange, Lemon, Basil, Tangerine
Middle notes - The heart of the fragrance comes out after a couple of minutes when the head of the scent fades away. These notes usually last around 2 to 3 hours.
Middle notes
Carnation, Lily Of The Valley, Orris, Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Jasmine
Base notes - The last and often longest part of the fragrance's evolution on your skin. Takes anywhere from 4 hours to over a day.
Base notes
Tonka Beans, Amber, Benzoin, Musk, Vetiver, Sandalwood
Fragrance category
citrus, aromatic

About the brand Boucheron

Boucheron was founded in 1858 by a Frenchman called Frederic Boucheron, whose work was mainly in jewellery. Over time, his creations have become extremely sought after and to a certain extent even collectors’ items.
Boucheron added perfumes to their primary business, captivating the world of cosmetics around 1988. The dozens of models produced with these unique scents seem timeless and modern. The precisely decorated bottles contain varied scents from light floral essences to heavier, stronger fragrances for true connoisseurs.

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