BrushArt Face Basic Makeup Sponge

BrushArt Face Basic Makeup Sponge
BrushArt Face Basic Makeup Sponge
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Wednesday 14/04/2021
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Wednesday 14/04/2021

Description BrushArt Face Basic

Meet your new beauty essential that will always help you achieve the perfect makeup look. The BrushArt Face makeup sponge is just soft and large enough to be ideal for beginners as well as more experienced makeup lovers.

The teardrop shape of the sponge helps with easy application. You can use the wider part to apply your makeup to larger areas, and the pointed one for detail work, such as application under the eyes. Doing your makeup is now easier than ever before – these sponges will instantly turn you into a makeup artist.


  • makeup sponge for easy and quick application of foundation and other products
  • thoroughly works the product into the skin without leaving streaks
  • sufficiently soft, feels nice on the skin
  • teardrop shape for easier application all over your face
  • effective use without unnecessary waste of product

How to use:
Before every use, soak the BrushArt sponge in water and squeeze out the excess, then apply your product flawlessly from the centre of your face outwards. Wash the sponge with water and a suitable cleaning product after every use and let it air-dry.

About the brand BrushArt

A youthful brand that’s setting trends in makeup, hair care and styling, BrushArt offers hair brushes, makeup brushes and products to take care of them, as well as cosmetic bags in cool designs and an array of various beauty accessories. Basically, everything a true It Girl needs!

Some of the brand’s most popular products are boar bristle brushes which will give your hair more shine than you thought was possible! And if you need to apply your foundation quickly, makeup sponges are unbeatable when it comes to creating a natural finish.

BrushArt of course offers fantastic makeup brushes as well. Their bristles are perfectly soft, create flawless makeup looks and make for an excellent gift, especially along with a cosmetic bag. The little ones will simply love kids cosmetic bags, hair pins and elastics. Those can gently tame even the finest hair while looking so adorable!

This is BrushArt — quality tools at affordable prices and in a trendy design that will make your beauty routine more fun.

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