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BrushArt KIDS Pastel hairband set hair bands
BrushArt KIDS Pastel hairband set hair bands
Type of setEconomy Pack

You won’t find a girl or young lady who doesn’t love rainbow-coloured hair bands. And mums need their child’s hair to stay in place for as long as possible. The BrushArt KIDS hair accessory will please both. Girls with long hair will fall in love with its design and mums will appreciate its strong hold. Thanks to their material, the hair bands are gentle on the hair – no tangles or pulling. The pack contains enough hair bands for a variety of creative styles or for matching styles for siblings.


  • stay in place
  • cute design with trendy colours
  • for convenient hair styling
  • gentle on hair – no tangles or pulling 
  • the pack contains 6 hair bands

BrushArtKIDS Pastel hairband set hair bands

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