Byredo Oud Immortel Eau de Parfum Unisex

Byredo Oud Immortel Eau de Parfum Unisex
Byredo Oud Immortel Eau de Parfum Unisex
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Wednesday 28/07/2021
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Description Byredo Oud Immortel

Even the most seasoned perfume connoisseur will be surprised by the way Byredo Oud Immortel approaches the tricky agarwood note. Its almost airy, sophisticated character will convince you that even an oud fragrance can smell fresh.

  • lightly sweet, dry and woody fragrance
  • elegant and modern
  • ideal for evening occasions on warmer days

Composition of the fragrance
The medicinal and dark scent of agarwood is balanced out by sweet, citrussy limoncello and cool cardamon. Incense adds a whiff of a smokey ritual, and elegant rosewood along with tobacco create the solid, sweet and woody base for an impressive chypre combination of patchouli and oakmoss with a touch of dry, woody papyrus.

Story of the fragrance
Byredo introduces two fragrances built around agarwood, also known as oud. This olfactory ingredient has fascinated perfumers for centuries. Its use has been described in Hindu vedas and has since become an integral part of religious ritual in many Asian countries.


Top notes - They develop straight after you put the fragrance on. They create the first impression and tend to be quite intense, but not long-lasting.
Top notes
Frankincense, Lemon, Cardamom
Middle notes - The heart of the fragrance comes out after a couple of minutes when the head of the scent fades away. These notes usually last around 2 to 3 hours.
Middle notes
Papyrus, Rosewood, Patchouli
Base notes - The last and often longest part of the fragrance's evolution on your skin. Takes anywhere from 4 hours to over a day.
Base notes
Moss, Tobacco
Fragrance category
chypre, woody

About the brand Byredo

Byredo, a Swedish brand of distinctive niche perfumes, is the brainchild of the highly unique Ben Gorham, the son of an Indian mother and a Canadian father. Growing up in Toronto, New York, and Stockholm, he studied art, but a chance meeting with perfumer Pierre Wulff convinced him to focus on creating fragrances instead of painting.

He was inspired by memories of a trip to his mother’s hometown in India, where he discovered a love for the aroma of spices and incense. He linked these oriental scents with Nordic minimalism and, with the motto “less is sometimes more”, he captures his Scandinavian roots. In 2006, he founded one of the most progressive niche perfume brands today.

Diptyque fragrances are distinguished by pure and simple compositions that perfectly highlight individual ingredients. Byredo perfumes are as exceptional as their creator. Envelop yourself in modern, minimalist, yet distinctive fragrances.

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