Celine Dion

The connection of showbiz stars to the perfume world is quite common. Celine Dion, the famous Canadian singer, who gave us the unforgettable hit from the film Titanic, is no exception.


She secured an agreement with Coty Inc. and in 2004, conquered the fragrance market with her first perfume, Celine Dion Notes.

Celine Dion perfumes are honest, like the singer herself. They have distinctive harmonic scents, which run the gamut from light and floral to warmer oriental compositions. The initial decision by Celine Dion to offer her brand to a wide range of customers means the price is very fair. Customers get a very good-quality, beautifully packaged perfume at an affordable price, and they can use it successfully for everyday wear and even special occasions. Celine Dion perfumes for women show no shortage of imagination, charm, and individual magic, so they have become very successful and popular amongst women of all ages and social statuses.

Celine Dion perfumes seem to reflect her life and message that obstacles can and should be overcome. Celine was born into a large, low-income family, but their love of music was a perfectly normal part of life. The key moment for her was when she met the producer René Angélil, who became her partner in work and, after some time, in love too. 

One of Celine Dion’s recent achievements is the modern, floral, fruity fragrance Celine Dion Signature. The perfume pays tribute to all charismatic, charming women with healthy self-confidence and great vitality. The scent opens with crisp notes of icy pear, juicy plums, and fresh juicy apples. It is followed by a floral heart with brilliant mimosa and intoxicating jasmine. The base note for a sophisticated, sensual woman is created with rich amber and warm musk. 

Celine Dion perfumes for women also include other very popular scents such as Celine Dion Chic, Celine Dion Pure Brilliance, and Celine Dion Sensational. Celine Dion perfumes are loved by women who want to be the centre of attention but also look very natural, sophisticated, and serene. The fragrances are all in attractive bottles, which adds to their appeal. Celine Dion perfumes accentuate your femininity and can be depended on to support you in everything you do.

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