Cerruti 1881 Blackeau de toilette for Men

Cerruti 1881 Black eau de toilette for Men
Cerruti 1881 Black eau de toilette for Men
100 ml

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Fragrance description Cerruti 1881 Black

Cerruti 1881 Black eau de toilette is a perfume for men which comes from the workshop of the time-proven Cerruti fashion house. All Cerruti perfumes reflect an unbridled Italian character that manifests itself in unusual combinations and excellent ideas. They support the trend of Italian unpredictability and are able to surprise on any occasion. The designers of the 1881 Black perfume, launched in 2006 as a rather mysterious and rather distinctive chapter in the series of Cerruti perfumes for men, tried to maintain this reputation.

The scent of the perfume radiates a very masculine aura. It is designed for real, mature men. For personalities who stand firmly on the ground and know where they belong even though their head is in the clouds. It aims at the man who is self-assured and has a clear idea of what journey to take in order to reach his goals. It accentuates such men's qualities that make an irresistible impression on those around.

It stands out for its long lasting effect and natural, discreet and fluent transitions of its ingredients. It is perfect for night life and for chilly autumn or winter days when its complex character is most apparent. It will be appreciated mainly by men who like rather heavy, dark scents.

The aromatic accord of 1881 black eau de toilette unfurls from a surprising combination of delicate, fresh lavender on the one side and distinctive, purely spicy pepper on the other side. This combination is smoothly replaced by hot, rather heavy atmosphere created by a blend of nutmeg and an exotic scent of cedar wood. The end is dominated by breathtaking harmony of ingredients that cannot be combined at first sight – a heavy aroma of wood and a sweetish scent of marzipan.

The perfume bottle whose appearance is an addition to an array of the previous versions of the Cerruti perfume for men is also worth mentioning. It has a very elegant and tasteful design and draws the attention of everybody who sees it. Its dark appearance tells a lot about the nature of the entire perfume, thereby accentuating it.


Top notes
Pepper, Lavender
Middle notes
Nutmeg, Cedar
Base notes
Marzipan, Wood
Fragrance category
woody, oriental

About the brand Cerruti

Cerruti fragrance | Like many other Italian brands, Cerruti is by its origin a family business which also happens to be one of the most respected names in the industry. The company was founded in 1881 by Antonio Cerruti who first started selling high-fashion clothing and later focused on fine jewellery. These days however, Cerruti is mainly famous for their perfumes and aftershaves.

Cerruti 1881 has become a symbol of refined taste, highest quality and distinct personal style. The brand thrived especially under Antonio’s grandson Nino Cerruti who had a tendency to shock the fashion world, beginning with his first collection of men’s fashionwear called Hitman. The women’s collections soon matched Nino’s initial success and Cerruti 1881 became THE brand of its time.

The first Cerruti fragrance came out in 1978 and was called simply Nino. It was followed by others like L’Essence de Cerruti or Cerruti 1881 Pour Homme, and, in 1998, a female version of the brand’s masculine classic, Cerruti Image Femme. Perhaps the most popular Cerruti perfume to date is Cerruti 1881 Pour Femme, a warm, sensuous fragrance based on violets, iris and jasmine combined with woody and citrussy notes. Many women consider this perfume to be their signature and have remained faithful to it for decades.

Often described as perfumes with a soul, Cerruti fragrances are ideal companions for creative, confident women who are not afraid to stand out, but don’t do it at any cost. While Cerruti perfumes definitely are extraordinary, their timeless quality will make you love them for many years to come.

Review Cerruti 1881 Black