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Chanel Cristalle eau de parfum for women
Chanel Cristalle eau de parfum for women
Chanel Cristalle eau de parfum for women
Top notes
Peach, Lemon, Tangerine
Middle notes
Hyacinth, Iris, Honey Suckle
Base notes
Fragrance categorycitrus, aromatic

Allow the crisp, rejuvenating winds of a weekend immersed in nature inspire you. Capturing the essence of liberated and polished femininity, Chanel Cristalle eau de parfum is a fresh and floral fragrance that dances between boldness and transparency, exuding a rare balance of strength and lightness, natural simplicity, and refined sophistication.

  • fresh and floral fragrance that captures the essence of nature and femininity
  • versatile scent suitable for any occasion
  • perfect for women who seek a sophisticated yet natural fragrance

Composition of the fragrance
Effervescent and lively notes of fruitiness burst forth, creating a vivid and vibrant green landscape of blooming hyacinths, gently softened by the subtle allure of honeysuckle. But this is just the beginning, for the scent unravels a deeper, richer dimension, unfolding the seductive and intoxicating trail of Florentine iris and tantalizing jasmine absolute.

Story of the fragrance
CRISTALLE draws its inspiration from Gabrielle Chanel's passion for the great outdoors, embodying a femininity that is at once natural and refined. Its name speaks to the essence of the fragrance, capturing its crystal-clear transparency and pure, unadulterated beauty.

ChanelCristalle eau de parfum for women

100 ml

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