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Chilly Intima Extra feminine wash with with pH 3.5
Chilly Intima Extra feminine wash with with pH 3.5
Chilly Intima Extra feminine wash with with pH 3.5
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Do you want to support the defence mechanisms in intimate areas and cleanse the skin there without drying it out? The Chilly Intima Extra gel can take care of that. It is specially formulated for everyday intimate hygiene – it gently cleanses the skin in the most sensitive areas and, with its pH of 3.5, it maintains the physiologically acidic environment that occurs there naturally. It also prevents irritation, relieves initial discomfort and prevents odour.


  • gently washes the skin in intimate areas, helps remove impurities
  • the pH of 3.5 maintains the physiological acidic environment of intimate areas
  • helps prevent irritation, alleviates feelings of discomfort
  • hydrates and moisturises the mucous membranes, prevents odour
  • supports protective mechanisms in intimate areas
  • can also be used during your period or pregnancy and after giving birth
  • suitable for everyday hygiene


  • glycerine – has moisturising effects, moisturises and softens the mucous membranes
  • anti-odour molecule – counteracts unpleasant odours effectively
  • pH of 3.5 – respects the natural physiological balance of your intimate area
  • hypoallergenic formula

How to apply:
Apply a small amount of the Chilly Intima Extra intimate hygiene gel with a pH of 3.5 to the skin in intimate areas when showering. Rinse thoroughly with water.

ChillyIntima Extra feminine wash with with pH 3.5

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