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Claudia Schiffer Make Up

About Claudia Schiffer Make Up

After a 30-year career in the fashion industry and many hours spent in the hands of the best makeup artists, Claudia Schiffer is really taking advantage of her experience. In collaboration with Germany’s Artdeco, she has designed her own range of professional cosmetics, Claudia Schiffer Make Up.


Her sense of style, design and choice of colours are reflected in her high-quality makeup products. The limited collection captures Claudia’s motto and style precisely. Simple but breathtaking.

Claudia Schiffer recalls how she was extremely shy as a young model and friends doubted she would succeed in the modelling world. However, she quickly learnt that not only did good-quality makeup cover her blushing face, but it also improved her self-perception and gave her the self-confidence she really needed.

The colours of a pink Vespa and some ’60s pastel-coloured crockery influenced the design of the Claudia Schiffer collection. Since her nickname was Cloudy, it has a little cloud motif as well to symbolise her childhood.

Be inspired too by the Claudia Schiffer Make Up limited collection and try out the professional cosmetics by Artdeco.

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