Cleanic Soft & Comfort

Makeup Remover Pads

Cleanic Soft & Comfort Makeup Remover Pads
Cleanic Soft & Comfort Makeup Remover Pads
Cleanic Soft & Comfort Makeup Remover Pads
133 pc

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Thursday, 1/24/2019
Cleanic Soft & Comfort
133 pc | £1.40

Product description Cleanic Soft & Comfort

Cleanic Soft & Comfort will make sure your skin is even more beautiful.


  • perfect for makeup removal
  • cleans skin gently

How to use:
Gently remove any remnants of cleanser from the skin with a cotton wool pad, or apply the makeup remover directly to a pad and wipe the skin gently.


Complexion type
all skin types
makeup remover pads

About the brand Cleanic

Cleanic is part of the Harper Hygienics Company. It specialises in facial cosmetics, and has achieved significant success in this area (it is one of the most popular brands in Southern and Eastern Europe). Cleanic is primarily targeted at active women who live life to the full and have little time to spend on their appearance. Cleanic products are easy to use and act quickly. Thanks to their low prices, everyone can afford them.
Cleanic puts great emphasis on quality and safety. Its product range is constantly expanding, with more and more products whose development is inspired by the latest global trends. Its makeup remover, hygienic cotton buds, and intimate hygiene wipes have gained great popularity amongst customers.
We should add that Cleanic has received numerous prestigious awards – it has won several Super Product prizes (awarded by the Mam Dziecko magazine) and triumphed repeatedly in the FMCG Market Pearls competition. The Cleanic brand is sure to appeal to anyone who cannot spend hours in beauty salons and does not want to spend too much money.