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    Description of the product Clinique Repairwear™



    Cosmetic quality



    Clinique Repairwear is a luxury caress for your lips. It nourishes and smoothes your lips, helps reduce the wrinkles around the line of lips, and strengthens the natural production of collagen.

    This unique balm contains special treating elements and helps fix the look of your lips thanks to its very nourishing composition. It provides an immediate antioxidant protection and keeps your lips smooth and soft.

    It contains no perfuming and is hypoallergenic. It provides natural humidity to make your lips perfectly smooth, soft and pleasant to touch, and hydrated. This product by Clinique provides your lips with full shapes and reduces the wrinkles around them. The Clinique lip balm treats lips and prepares them for any potential bad weather so that they can stay beautiful and smooth.


    • smoothes lips
    • reduces wrinkles around lips
    • softens
    • supports production of collagen
    • makes lips beautifully soft and smooth


    Apply the balm on and around your lips as needed.

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