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What woman would not want to have a beautiful shiny hair colour? With today’s hair dyes, it is easy.

To keep your coloured hair beautiful for a long time, you should use special products that protect your colour from premature fading, moisturise your hair and give it the necessary nutrients.

Care for coloured hair begins with washing. Choose a mild shampoo and avoid the so-called cleansing shampoos. It is ideal to opt for a special shampoo for dyed hair that will prevent excessive washing out of your colour. And remember that you should not wash your hair in the first two days after colouring so as to let the colour become absorbed.

After washing, coloured hair needs the necessary nutrients. Every time you wash it, you should use a special conditioner for dyed hair and apply an intense nourishing hair mask at least once a week. UV radiation affects the intensity of your hair colour adversely, and therefore we recommend styling products and protective oils with a UV filter to protect your colour.

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