Creed has been creating unique fragrances for royal dynasties and other demanding customers with refined taste since 1760, when the brand was founded in London by James Henry Creed who eventually passed the legacy from father to son for over seven generations.


With its long-lasting and renowned history, Creed has been considered inimitable thanks to the use of ancient processing techniques using raw sources to create exceptional perfumes. Creed fragrances have been worn by historical personalities like Queen Victoria, Austrian Emperor Franz Josef and his wife ‘Sisi”, Sir Winston Churchill, and President John F. Kennedy. Nowadays, Creed has garnered fans like popular Hollywood actors Robert de Niro and Sylvester Stallone.

Creed still remains the brand of royal and presidential families; Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton both use Creed perfumes. Currently, Creed is settled near Paris and also opened a store in Manhattan in 2010 to celebrate the brand’s 250th anniversary.

Instead of synthetic alternatives, Creed prefers top-quality, natural sources. Olivier Creed and his son Erwin Creed search for the cleanest fragrances all over the world, following the tradition of manual production, dedicated and devoted to creating original niche fragrances.

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Best sellers

The House of Creed

Welcome to the world of luxurious scents, blends made of the finest rare ingredients and impeccable tailoring! Creed is a high-profile brand known for handmade fragrances and their associations to royalty, aristocrats and celebrities. Treat yourself to a Creed cologne as these are the most coveted niche perfumes in the fragrance history!

About Creed

The House of Creed is a multinational perfume house founded in England in 1760 by James Henry Creed who eventually passed the legacy from father to son for over seven generations. The brand has a rich and unique history, it all started when a pair of scented leather gloves was delivered to King George III by a new London tailoring company, followed by the first Creed fragrance, Royal English Leather, King George III commissioned at this company for him and his court. Within the first decade of its existence, the brand was noticed by the royal family of England and appointed as an official supplier to the Royal Household by Queen Victoria herself.

After moving its headquarters to Paris in 1854, Creed soon built a reputation with its exclusive and limited fragrances. The brand was loved by its aristocratic and royal clientele, who especially praised the impeccable tailoring of products. Creed fragrances became available to the public in 1970 and their legend continues to this day, as the Creed family has created over 200 perfumes in over 260 years. The perfume house continues to be one of the greatest luxury fragrance brands through their dedication and love for perfumery. Their perfume masterpieces are made in Creed laboratory only of the finest exotic materials. Celebrating the brand’s history and legacy, Creed used only the most traditional infusion techniques that allow their fragrances to maintain its superior quality.

The company always comes up with the newest inventions, following the latest trends in the perfumery industry while still keeping authenticity. Owners of the company see their fragrances as a modern, timeless act of creation that makes the perfume of the past and the fragrance of the future. 

Creed Perfume and Aftershave

Discover the collection of hand-crafted niche perfumes for men and women or enjoy the intoxicating unisex perfume collection. Explore the line of Creed accessories at Notino and provide your daily routine with a wonderful touch of pure luxury with shower gels and Creed aftershave that beautifully compliment the fragrances and makes every grooming routine a fragrant experience. 

Creed Perfume for Men

From fruity and light aftershave to rich and oriental perfume that suit every occasion and every personality. Be the Creed gentleman - sophisticated, perfectly stylish and always a little mysterious. Explore these exclusive niche perfume collection for men at, reach for the bestselling Creed Aventus or fall in love with the deep woody scent of Creed Royal Oud. Find your next signature fragrance that will become your second skin!

Creed Green Irish Tweed Eau de Parfum

The timeless fragrance by Creed infused with a fresh woody aroma and sparkling notes of lemon and peppermint. The Creed Green Irish Tweed is perfect for the classic gentleman and it is suitable for everyday wear or special occasions. The fragrance opens with Indian verbena combined with fresh lemon, followed by a subtle aroma of violet leaves and Florentine iris. The overall scent lies on a warm base of sandalwood and ambergris which create a cosy scent that lingers on the skin for hours.

Creed Himalaya Eau de Parfum

A truly unique niche perfume for men that is layered with lots of hidden depths. The Creed Himalaya scent is oriental and woody, yet has some unexpected notes of tangerine, lemon and even Tonka Beans. The top notes are made of grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot and Sicilian lemon, complemented by sensuous vetiver, gunpowder and pepper in the heart of the fragrance. The scent ends with a cosy aroma of rare ambergris.

Find all the captivating Creed scents at and shop niche fragrances at exceptional prices!

Creed Perfume for Women

For more than 250 years, Creed has been creating the most astonishing fragrances for women. All perfectly tailored in the hands of the most talented perfumers of the world. By purchasing a Creed cologne, you also purchase a piece of perfume history, a piece of art and a luxurious touch to every beauty routine. Spoil yourself today with the most popular Creed Aventus for Women or feel like royalty with Creed Royal Princess Oud!

Creed Aventus Eau de Parfum

One of the true gems from the Creed fragrance collection, a beautiful fruity chypre scent that celebrates femininity with every spritz! Creed Aventus for Her is perfectly suited for every confident woman who wants to stand out from the crowd. The violet and patchouli blend in the head of the fragrance is complemented by green apple and pink pepper, followed by sandalwood and rose. The lilac and ylang-ylang aroma in the drydown make this fragrance your secret weapon of sensuality. Wear this fragrance on special occasions or make every day a special one!

Creed Love in White Eau de Parfum

A unique oriental and fresh fragrance, with irresistible notes of orange, amber and vanilla. Creed Love In White fragrance is created for a sophisticated elegant woman and will accompany her through every unforgettable moment. The story behind this fragrance was inspired by the memories of yacht voyages around the world the perfume creator Olivier Creed used to enjoy. 

Creed Unisex Perfumes

Fresh and clean scents from The House of Creed worn by royalty for centuries! These unique fragrances are specially crafted for those who love the freshness of citrus and an appealing lightness of sophisticated yet subtle floral aromas. Which one of the Creed unisex colognes will steal your heart?

Creed Jardin d’Amalfi Eau de Parfum

Coming in an eye-catching patterned bottle, the Creed Jardin d’Amalfi is inspired by Italy’s Amalfi coast. Close your eyes and enjoy this elegant citrus scent with hints of exotic fruit and spices. Let this perfume take you on an olfactory journey to the summer memories.

Creed Virgin Island Water Eau de Parfum 

Its citrus accords will make every day feel like a holiday in the Caribbean, with an aromatic composition of rum, lime, tangerine and coconut. The tropical aroma of Creed Virgin Island Water is especially beautiful in the warmer months and is perfect for men and women who enjoy fresh summer fragrances.

Creed Millésime Imperial Eau de Parfum

A unique combination of floral and woody aromas make Creed Millésime Imperial especially suited for both, warmer and colder weather. Made with only the top-quality ingredients, the fragrance has unexpected touches of sea salt, orange and iris combined with musk and woody accords that will last for hours and charm everyone around!

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The House of Creed has been creating luxury perfumes and colognes for more than 250 years and their fragrances are highly-sought by royalty and celebrities. Enter the niche universe at and spoil yourself to the most alluring scents ever created!