Curaprox1560 Soft Soft Toothbrushess

Curaprox 1560 Soft Soft Toothbrushes 3 pcs
Curaprox 1560 Soft Soft Toothbrushes 3 pcs
3 pc

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Try taking care of your teeth in a more gentle way. Curaprox 1560 Soft toothbrush has straight-cut bristles with round tips, making teeth-brushing way more gentle without a risk of damage to your tooth enamel. The bristles are made from the patented CUREN® material which doesn’t change its properties even on contact with water and thus keeps its shape for longer than nylon.

The slightly slanted head of the toothbrush with a flexible neck allows for easy teeth-brushing even in hard-to-reach places such as the back of the front teeth or your back molars.


  • 1560 CUREN® bristles with rounded tips, 0.15mm in diameter
  • gently cleans your teeth including the space between tooth and gum
  • doesn’t damage enamel or gums
  • flexible neck and octagonal handle allow you to brush your teeth under an optimal angle

How to use:
Apply toothpaste to wet toothbrush and brush your teeth on all sides using gentle circular motions. Then rinse your mouth with water.


Bristle hardness

Curaprox cosmetics | Curaprox – Swiss precision in dental care. Curaprox is a brand of leading dental hygiene tools developed by Curaden International AG, a Swiss company who are pioneering experts in oral health and individual preventive dental care, in collaboration with dental specialists in teaching, research, and practice.
For decades Curaden have focused or decades mainly on the manufacture and development of quality toothbrushes and interdental brushes, with their main philosophy being perfectly clean teeth, effective tooth cleaning without damage, and partnerships with the best specialists in the field.
The comprehensive range of Curaprox toothbrushes includes brushes to clean visible parts of the teeth with varying degrees of hardness and numbers of bristles, depending on specific needs, such as sensitive teeth, a wide range of interdental brushes, and brushes specially developed for children.
Curaprox manual toothbrushes are not the usual nylon filaments, instead being patented CUREN® filaments, which are incredibly soft and gentle. Thanks to the softness of the filaments, these brushes are atraumatic, meaning there is no risk of injury during use; the density of the filaments ensures the ultimate efficiency, the small, compact, and slightly angled head allows easy access to all areas that need to be cleaned, and the octagonal handle ensures the brush is held correctly when cleaning.
Curaprox interdental brushes are also extremely effective and gentle. They combine ultra-soft patented filaments which unfurl in the interdental space with thin surgical wire, thoroughly cleaning the whole interdental space without damaging the gums, which can happen with dental floss. Curaden think of gentleness even more when it comes to children, so their CURAkid brushes are perfect, soft tools for the first oral hygiene of babies and small children, making oral hygiene fun and enjoyable for them.
The aim of the Curaprox brand is to keep teeth healthy for a lifetime.