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  • Curaprox Enzycal Zero Toothpaste
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    • Curaprox Enzycal Zero Toothpaste (Swiss Premium Oral Care) 75 mlToothpaste 

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      (Swiss Premium Oral Care) 75 ml
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    Curaprox Enzycal Zero reviews & ratings

    • 23 January 2016
      William Childs

      I have been using Curaprox Swiss toothbrushes now for several years, after discovering them through a brilliant dentist in Austria. On a more recent trip, I found this toothpaste in a store there and I have been most impressed by it's ability to both deep clean the teeth and restore the enamel. It is now known that enzymes in saliva (using minerals) are the only way enamel is restored, despite years of dentists telling us nothing does so. Using this wonderful product I can actually feel the enamel toughening and "glassing up"! This is especially important for me as one who cannot use fluoridated products. This is better than any fluoride product. I am delighted to find it for sale here, just ordered 4 tubes! Highly recommended, top Swiss product. William Childs, Devon, GB

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