da Vinci SyniqueEyebrow and Eyeliner Brush

da Vinci Synique Eyebrow and Eyeliner Brush
da Vinci Synique Eyebrow and Eyeliner Brush

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da Vinci Synique Eyebrow and Eyeliner Brush
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Product description da Vinci Synique

Eyebrow and Eyeliner Brush da Vinci Synique is perfect to define your eyebrows.


  • suitable for applying eyebrow-powder (also suitable if humid)
  • for a fine and natural application
  • less product-consuming
  • draws precise lines
  • emphasizes the natural eyebrow shape


  • extra smooth synthetics fibres (fine tips – similar to natural hair)
  • long-lasting sensible alternative to protect natural resources
  • ideal for people with natural hair allergies, easy to clean
  • taupe colored, elegant wooden handle

How to use:
Use the slanted edge at a 45-degree angle on its side to shade. Use the slanted edge at a 90-degree angle to outline quickly. Use the tip of the edge to draw a line or draw individual hairs by flicking it repeatedly upwards.

Wash out the brush every 2–3 weeks with cleaning soap thoroughly and reshape it to its original form.

About the brand da Vinci

The da Vinci brand is a leader in cosmetic brushes. The name itself shows their inspiration to be the best. The traditional family business from Nuremberg, Germany, dates back to the end of the 19th century. The professional brushes are made by skilled craftsmen for makeup artists, painters, nail designers, and dental laboratories. All the products combine craftsmanship, a selection of the best-quality materials, modern production techniques, and innovations in technology and design.
The da Vinci brand uses natural materials, as well as the highest-quality synthetic fibres, to make its brushes for lip, eye, and face makeup. Would you believe how many types of hair can be used to make brushes? The rarest brush made by da Vinci is one using the Siberian red weasel’s fur, as well as products using squirrel, badger, or goat hair, and even horsehair. These high-quality products enable flawless and very precise application. Thanks to new technologies, synthetic fibres are coming into step with natural materials. This is clear from the successful range of products by da Vinci.
The perfect cosmetic brush is not just down to the fibre used but also the handle. The craftsmanship here is also important, with ergonomic shapes for optimum ease of use. The combination of all the knowledge and skills the producers have makes da Vinci brushes an essential tool for everyday use in the hands of professionals or at home.
The da Vinci Classics line includes an eyeshadow brush, foundation and cream blusher brush, a powder brush, and a lip brush. The exclusive da Vinci Kabuki range offers a set of brushes with leather or metal housings. You can find more indispensable products in the da Vinci Professional and da Vinci Basic ranges.
Take a look at the unique da Vinci Rondo brush, a revolution in makeup! It has been developed specially to apply both loose and compact powders, as well as liquid and cream makeup. Its outstanding versatility makes it a firm favourite. The combination of synthetic fibres ensures perfectly even makeup, unifying the skin structure and maintaining a very natural look.
Once you have tried professional cosmetic brushes of the highest quality, it will shift your makeup to a completely new dimension. The difference between an ordinary brush and perfect application has a name – da Vinci!

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