Dermagen Morocco Gold

Pure Argan Oil

Dermagen Morocco Gold Pure Argan Oil
Dermagen Morocco Gold Pure Argan Oil
20 ml

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Product description Dermagen Morocco Gold

A 42ml packaging of the product from the manufacturer already contains 20ml of pure argan oil.

Argan Oil – Gold from Morocco the most expensive cosmetic oil. Pure argan oil designed for improving the complexion, hands, lips, hair ends, etc. Protects the skin, moisturises, provides nutrition, strengthens the hair and nails. Friendly to you and to nature.


  • protection
  • nutrition
  • regeneration 


Active ingredients
argan oil
for all ages
Complexion type
atopic dermatitis, dry
Calming, Hydration, Nourishing, Nutrition and regeneration, Shine and softness, Split ends prevention
Hair type
damaged hair, dry hair
Type of oil

About the brand Dermagen

Dermagen Group’s unique organic cosmetics contain a large quantity of high-quality natural ingredients which have a highly positive impact on hair and skin beauty. Dermagen Group products are rich particularly in the rare argan oil and pure Brazilian keratin, which give strength and durability to your skin and an unprecedented shine to your hair.
If you are looking for a truly reliable solution for your hair and skin, Dermagen Group will not disappoint. With regular use of Dermagen Group products, your hair will be visibly regenerated, intensely hydrated, and pleasantly smooth to the touch, while your skin will be perfectly nourished and healthy-looking. Dermagen Group offers quality natural shampoos, conditioners, effective restorative hair masks, skin care, and other great products.