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Dermedic Capilarte anti-dandruff shampoo
Dermedic Capilarte anti-dandruff shampoo
Hair typeall hair types
EffectsHydration, Anti-dandruff, Calming
Scalp skin typesensitive scalp, dandruff, oily scalp, normal scalp, itchy scalp
Hair problemoily hair, dandruff, dry hair

The condition of your scalp has a direct impact on your entire hairstyle. If you often suffer from flaky skin, try the Dermedic Capilarte anti-dandruff shampoo.

This product contains active ingredients such as clotrimazole which gently remove small skin flakes while targeting their cause. Both dry and oily dandruff will gradually disappear and stop forming while your scalp regains its lost natural balance.


  • cleans the hair and scalp gently
  • gently removes both dry and oily dandruff
  • regulates the renewal process of skin cells
  • reduces excessive flakiness
  • harmonises the activity of sebaceous glands
  • reduces itching and other signs of irritation
  • restores your skin’s natural balance
  • can be used on skin with seborrheic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis


  • clotrimazole, zinc pyrithione, piroctone olamine – reduce flaking, dissolve dandruff and prevent it from reappearing
  • lactitol – restores natural skin microflora
  • glycerol – provides necessary hydration
  • D-panthenol – reduces signs of irritation

How to apply:
Apply a small amount of the Dermedic Capilarte shampoo to wet scalp and lather up with a gentle massage. Leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse off thoroughly. In case of dandruff, use the shampoo 2 or 3 times a week for 4 weeks. To prevent dandruff from coming back, continue to use the shampoo once or twice a week.

DermedicCapilarte anti-dandruff shampoo

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