Dtangler Miraculous

Cosmetic Set I.

Dtangler Miraculous Cosmetic Set I.
Dtangler Miraculous Cosmetic Set I.
Cosmetic Set I.

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Gold Hair Brush 2 pc

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Dtangler Miraculous
Cosmetic Set I. | £13.99


Type of set
Cosmetic Set

About the brand Dtangler

Dtangler | Dtangler is a brand of professional hairbrushes developed from the revolutionary and popular Tangle Teezer brush, which earned several prestigious awards, and they are used in the finest hair salons worldwide.  
The history of these miraculous brushes began from the moment young London hairstylist and colourist to the stars Shaun P realised that the basis for proper hair care and perfect styling was well-combed hair. That is why Shaun P designed a brush that brushes the hair beautifully while preventing any damage or breakage.  
The secret of the miraculous Dtangler brushes lies in the special distribution of the bristles and in the innovative shape of the brush, which fits in your hand perfectly thanks to its new ergonomic grip. Not only are Dtangler brushes functional, they’re also easy to use and make everyday brushing simple.