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Diptyque Tam Dao eau de toilette unisex
Diptyque Tam Dao eau de toilette unisex
Diptyque Tam Dao eau de toilette unisex
Top notes
Rose, Myrtle, Italian Cypress
Middle notes
Sandalwood, Cedar
Base notes
Spices, Amber, Musk, Rosewood
Fragrance categoryfloral, woody

A harmonious scent for a balanced mind

Serenity encased in a bottle. Diptyque Tam Dao eau de toilette unisex is an ode to forest and harmony. It offers a warm blend of sandalwood, cypress, and Brazilian rosewood. The attraction of sandalwood, used for meditation and spiritual rituals, is set to a higher level with the presence of other noble woods, while grey amber adds a musky touch to the scent.

  • a floral woody scent designed for men and women
  • inspired by temples and forests of Asia
  • launched in 2003

Composition of the fragrance:
The scent unfolds with the vibrant essence of Brazilian rosewood. At its heart lies the comforting embrace of cypress and mastic, intertwining to create a sense of depth and intrigue. As the fragrance settles, the sturdy base notes of cedar, sandalwood, and grey amber emerge, grounding the composition with their warmth and sophistication. Together, these elements form a captivating olfactory symphony, evoking visions of enchanted forests.

The story of the fragrance:
Diptyque Tam Dao takes its name from the lush mountainous region in Vietnam. This place is special not only for its temples and forests but also because one of the founders of Diptyque spent his summers there as a child.

DiptyqueTam Dao eau de toilette unisex

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