Diva & Nice Cosmetics Accessories


Diva & Nice Cosmetics Accessories Puff
Diva & Nice Cosmetics Accessories Puff

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Diva & Nice Cosmetics Accessories
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Product description Diva & Nice Cosmetics Accessories

The Diva & Nice Cosmetics Accessories makeup sponge provides flawless application to give you professional-looking makeup.


  • guarantees smooth application
  • gives a professional appearance to your makeup
  • the result is a smooth finish
  • comfortable to hold in the hand

How to use:
Always start from the centre of your face and move outwards.

About the brand Diva & Nice Cosmetics

The Czech company Diva & Nice Cosmetics, which was founded in 1994, specialises in selling decorative cosmetics and accessories (powder puffs, brushes, tweezers, scissors, makeup sponges, and much more). Its extensive range includes many other interesting products.
The philosophy of Diva & Nice Cosmetics is simple – to supply quality yet affordable goods. We should add that they achieved this goal a long time ago. They are very popular, for example, for their eye products and Diva & Nice Cosmetics false eyelashes. The designs of their mirrors in various shapes (hearts, ovals, squares, etc.) and patterns deserve a special mention.
Diva & Nice Cosmetics has gradually become synonymous for beauty and attractiveness. Its products stand out for their ease of use and high functionality. Try them – you’ll love them! Diva & Nice Cosmetics are sure to appeal to anyone who wants a perfect, striking look, who often bases their choice on aesthetic grounds, and wants to emphasise their personal style.